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Chandler boasts world-class golf facilities, Arizona resorts, fabulous restaurants of every cuisine, premier shopping and tons of fun activities. Recently designated a National Register Historic District, downtown Chandler offers a unique collection of eclectic art galleries, trendy shops and award-winning restaurants

Chandler, Arizona is a beautiful city located within Maricopa County and is an increasingly prominent city within the Phoenix-Metro area. Chandler boasts very diverse communities and has a very rich heritage.

Chandler was founded by Dr. Alexander John Chandler in 1912. Originally an agricultural town, Chandler has progressively transitioned into a highly technological, bright city. Intel, the world's leading semiconductor and microchip processor, is the city's #1 employer and operates out of a brand new facility, Intel's first facility designed to be "environmentally sustainable."

Since the early 1990s Chandler has continued to flourish, as one of the top leaders among the fastest growing municipalities within the United States. Chandler is home to great schools, innovative health care, blossoming parks, and a very wide variety of unique restaurants and retail. Named an All-American city in 2010, Chandler was the only city in Arizona to receive this prestigious award, an honor given by the National Civic League. Chandler's historical downtown district is known as the heart of Chandler, which hosts both the Chandler Center for the Arts and the award-winning Chandler City Hall.

One of Chandler's most notable events is the Ostrich Festival, a Chandler Chamber event. In the early 1900s, Chandler was home to many ostrich farms. The annual Ostrich Festival is a wonderful community gathering to celebrate the legacy of the original Chandler ostrich farms.

Chandler has a hot, arid climate. January is the coolest time of the year in this city, with temperatures in the mid-60s. July is the hottest time of the year, with temperatures ranging in the 100s.